Corporate Social

What is Hoff Entreprenader AB’s corporate social responsibility? We need inclusive dialogues to achieve sustainable growth in our societies.

Our CSR seeks to inform stakeholders of our policy; what it entails and how we incorporate them in our firm. At Hoff Entreprenader AB we recognize our existence as being a part of a more extensive system. With larger systems consisting of various entities with differences in ideas and opinions. It is thus necessary for us to incorporate these opinions into one arena. The views of every member add value to and steers our efforts toward achieving our collective goals.

We acknowledge our responsibility toward our shared environment.

Hoff Entreprenader AB acknowledges its obligation as a service to contribute to a more sustainable society.

We aim to uphold sustainability and social responsibility practices by enacting our Corporate values into practice throughout our business activities and partnerships.

Hoff Entreprenader AB recognizes the importance of going to dialogue with the stakeholders. We aim to identify and address the most pertinent issues and challenges in our society. The management will determine and include actors whose skills and vision can help us achieve our goal.

Additionally, Our CSR outlines our efforts to give back to the world as it gives to us.

What is Hoff Entreprenader AB’s corporate social responsibility?

The CSR policy for Hoff Entreprenader AB defines the goals of our company and how the entire team works to achieve those goals. Further, we reinstate our commitment as a service industry to fulfil our duties to customers, employees, the community.

Corporate Governance

Hoff Entreprenader AB pledges to operate within the scope of its core values. Our core values are embedded in all operations and managerial systems, communication and social interactions.
Our upheld values include, but are not limited to:

– Integrity: Acting with honesty and professionalism, and respecting company policies.
– Collaboration: Working with colleagues and teams to meet common goals.
– Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions both collective and as individuals.
– Social responsibility: Integrating social and environmental solutions to business operations.
– Innovation: Implementing new ideas to improve the business.
– Customer care: Maximizing and maintaining customer satisfaction.

These values translate into our performance, customer relations, job satisfaction, and financial growth.
We strive to improve our performance and intend to meet all applicable legislation. We will however continue to reflect on our choices and actions and review their impact on our resources.


This policy applies to our company and its stakeholders. Additionally, addressing suppliers and collaborating partners. We recognize the importance of compliance with CSR regulations and our goal remains to persist with the growth of a business that is sustainable and profitable. Hoff Entreprenader AB pledges to develop capabilities and facilitate mechanisms necessary to achieve a cleaner and greener environment. We intend to maintain strong responsible corporate partnerships with other organizations that strive for stronger and more positive communities.

Policy Objectives

The purpose of the company’s CSR is to ensure that the Hoff Entreprenader AB management, collaborating partners and employees take strong incentive and responsibility to respect the company’s principles and adhere to national/international legislative proposals. We believe that our collective interest in protecting our shared environment is achievable through the exertion of our joint social responsibility.

Hoff Entreprenader AB’s CSR policy reflects the core principals of the Swedish Construction Federation code of conduct (S.C.F). We have consequently consolidated the S.C.F principles in our organization: management, operational processes, and Procurement systems. Hoff Entreprenader AB is committed to delivering excellence. Therefore the management continuously monitors the organization’s corporate responsibility with the intention to improve on the sustainable practices through a bold and influential approach that encompasses:

– Ethics: high ethical standards when conducting business,
– Responsibility: acts in an environmentally conscientious and responsible manner,
– Compliance: respects the privacy and dignity of our employees, suppliers, customers, and contractors,
– Healthy workplace: promotes a work environment of equal opportunity and never engages in discrimination,
– Inclusivity: commits to employing a diverse workforce,
– Safety and protection: maintain a safe and healthy work environment,
– Proactivity: We are dedicated to contributing toward a stronger and a more sustainable society. Through monetary donations and in-kind donations, Hoff Entreprenader AB team volunteers time, and resources to give back to the community that gives us so much.

Through this policy we reinforce our intentions and principles to all involved parties: Every employee has a responsibility to comply with laws, regulations and internal policies.
If something in this policy would violate the law, then the prevailing rule in each country applies to the principles described in the company’s CSR policy.

Policy elements

Hoff Entreprenader AB’s social responsibility falls into two categories: compliance and proactiveness. Compliance refers to our commitment to uphold regulations. Additionally, willingness to defend ethical community values.

Proactiveness refers to our initiative to take an active stance in helping communities. We help to sustain communities, protect human rights, and protect our natural environment.


Legislations – Hoff Entreprenader AB operates within a high scope of integrity and transparency.
We commit to:
Respect of laws and legislation:

Hoff Entreprenader AB will ensure that all operations reflect our responsible business ethics and that we meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
– We comply with our internal policies from the top down: Hoff Entreprenader AB is proud of the organization’s established workplace policy of care, inclusion, and growth. We are committed to continuously improving our workplace environment and have enforced a firm culture of corporate social responsibility within every employee.
– All persons at Hoff Entreprenader AB must earn the confidence of stakeholders. Therefore, all services rendered by every member must aim to meet the highest standard and professionalism at all times. Our performance should demonstrate our commitment to striving for excellence.
We aim to meet these goals through education, training and developing our team skills.
Equal and fair treatment is a must for all groups and individuals with whom we engage. Business associates should express their responsibility through honesty, transparency and respect for all.
– We ensure that all our business operations are legitimate. We respect healthy bargaining and competitive markets.
Suppliers contracts rest upon quality, value, and integrity of their products and services.
– We keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent.

Business ethics

We expect every member under Hoff Entreprenader AB employment to fulfil their obligations.
We strive for a business that observes trade laws in every aspect and due diligence on human rights.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption enforcement:

Hoff Entreprenader AB will respect and abide by all the laws regulating transparency.

We will review our contracts and policies to ensure that our business is compliant with the laws.

We use evaluation standards that safeguards us against unethical business practices. We follow protocols that encourage transparent engagements with other business partners.


– Protecting the environment

Hoff Entreprenader AB recognizes the need to protect our shared natural resources. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint through a commitment to continual improvement. We endeavor to apply the most ethical measures in recycling. Disposing of waste/garbage and eliminating harmful chemical substances throughout our operations.

Additionally, we continue to work with our partners to aid the success of our collective goal.
Hoff Entreprenader AB will enact Responsible Care to all its activities.
The company will conduct a periodic risk-assessment of product safety. moreover, environmental impact of specific products and report against these findings to all stakeholders.

Health, safety and security

It is our responsibility to ensure that Hoff Entreprenader AB regards the protection of all persons partaking in its operations. Additionally, we will actively ensure that:
Our activities pose no risks to the health and safety of our employees and communities.
We will at all costs avoid operations that could be harmful to the local communities where we engage.
We will continue with our active and public support of diversity and inclusion.

Human rights

Hoff Entreprenader AB respects all aspects of human rights laws. We live by our standards of zero discrimination and zero exploitation. We know that the most vulnerable groups are at the highest risk of exploitation. therefore, by stating our support and respect for the proclaimed human rights laws, we aim to influence stakeholders to join the cause. Hoff Entreprenader AB does not tolerate any forms of exploitation forced labor, child labor or discrimination based on any grounds. (Gender, Race, Creed, Color or Religion).

We respect the rights of all people involved in all areas of our operations. Hoff Entreprenader AB presents equal opportunities to all its employees.

Hoff Entreprenader AB will collaborate with stakeholders aiming to end modern-day slavery.

Our goal is to help promote equal opportunities throughout the construction industry, and we will lead by example through ethical and fair labor practices. Hoff Entreprenader will dialogue with collaborative partners and suppliers on these issues to ensure that our activities leave no negative impact or violate human rights.

Our approach is in keeping with Hoff Entreprenader AB Code of Conduct moreover, stay aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the United Nations Global Compact.

A platform for our customers

As a service industry, our customers’ voices are of great value to our continuance. We need our clients’ feedback to put objectivity in our services and performances. The management will encourage customers to rate our performance through feedback. We will be diligent with our customers’ views on meeting their needs and expectations. Performance rating will address quality, time, value and level of satisfaction.

The management will analyze customers feedback and where appropriate, act upon them.

Data Security and Privacy

We are diligent about Protecting the privacy of our contacts; customers, all collaborators, and employees. Hoff Entreprenader AB understands the risks related to Information Security and Privacy additionally how a data breach can affect our business operations. We take precautions to safeguard sensitive information. Thus, when we handle customer data, we ensure that the processing is in a high precautionary environment. Our Integrity Policy clarifies our Data Privacy Policy. Alongside information on how Hoff Entreprenader AB shields customer privacy is information on the resources to help customers identify, report and mitigate risks.

Hoff Entreprenader AB strives to understand and respect the cultural values and laws wherever we operate. Moreover, the business has a long history of proactive engagement with the communities we serve, and We actively support initiatives in those communities where our employees live and work. This commitment is visible in our contributions of financial, equipment and volunteer support. We encourage our employees to contribute time and energy in leadership and other roles in community organizations. Our support and contributions are aimed at developing and strengthening societal programs that are beneficial and inclusive for all. We believe in giving back and building safe communities by supporting a shared collective vision for a sustainable future and inclusive community.

Preserving the environment

Apart from legal obligations, our company will proactively consolidate all its activities protect the environment. Examples of relevant activities include:

– Recycling
– Conserving energy
– Using environmentally friendly technologies

Environmental responsibility

The objective of our business is to sustain a healthy environment through overall preservation with no resources and waste reduction. We are striving for continuous improvement in climate impact and resource utilization.

Climate Impact
Workplaces and premises should be conducive, friendly, and preserve sustainable energy and resources. The ecological practices apply to both internal and external environments.

Travel and transportation should, as far as possible, be done with environmentally friendly alternatives to minimize climate impact.

At Hoff Entreprenader AB, we utilize modern, and energy-efficient technology and all renewal of technical equipment will lead to a continuous upgrade to more environmentally friendly technologies.

Electronic meetings should replace physical when possible without the quality being compromised.

Resource use

We are well aware of the consequences of our choices and consequently our carbon footprint, and thus strive to minimize and eventually eliminate the wastage of the earth’s resources. Services and products should be adapted to the environment with a resource-poor product production. All stages, commodity and product consumption, transportation and waste must be managed in an environmentally friendly manner as possible.

The waste issue should be handled in line with the so-called waste hierarchy. For more information on the environmental work in the business, see the company’s environmental policy.

Social responsibility

Everybody has a responsibility for how he or she treats his or her fellow human beings. The business is to be penetrated by equality and equal treatment.

Working conditions

Hoff Entreprenader AB acknowledges and appreciates the invaluable contribution of each of its team members. We are careful to establish and maintain a safe environment that reflects our wellbeing in our organization.

We readily take advantage of the resources available to us to improve knowledge and skills and help our employees to develop towards their full potential.

That the company’s employees work under good conditions is of course an essential element of our company’s foundation. that the suppliers we use will provide satisfactory working conditions for their employees.

Community involvement

Within the company, we are prepared to support local associations and businesses. We strive to work as far as possible with local subcontractors, and we work with support for non-profit associations according to comprehensive policy in this area.

Financial responsibility

All employees are responsible for not wasting the company’s financial resources. This does not mean we need to get into the necessary investments without the resources being used. For example, a more expensive investment can lead to higher cost savings and thus be more profitable in the long run than a cheaper one.


The company’s managers will be responsible for ensuring that employees are informed of what the policy means and allowing staff to follow it. The system should also aim to make employees feel accountable and promote sustainable activities. The ultimate responsibility lies with the board.